Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Day 1
Saturday October 5, 2002
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America's Challenge Gas Balloon Race

As I said on the previous page this event is one of the most prestigious in Gas Ballooning. For more information please visit:

The gas balloons themselves aren't near as striking as the hot air balloons but I think I got some incredible shots! The light was perfect! I was able to move completely around the launch sites in order to get some great shots of the balloons against Sandi Peak. Definitely dramatic! The only three balloons I was able to positively identify were the Spirit of Springfield, White Fang (Colordo flag/purple lines) and Yellow Beast (bright yellow plain balloon). Since most of the gas balloons didn't have any distinguishing marks on the envelopes and the numbers don't tell me anything as I don't have access to the FAA/CIA roster I can't tell you the names of the remainder of them.
10-5-02_7-12 10-5-02_7-14
10-5-02_7-24 10-5-02_8-10

I loved this balloon! It was the only one with purple lines!! They finished in fifth place overall. Flying for a duration of 22.22 hours, with a distance of 1224.91 statute miles, landing near Galena, Kansas.
White Fang
Boulder Colorado
Pilot: David Norman Levin
Co-Pilot: Allan S. Levin
10-5-02_9-00 10-5-02_9-01

Sandia Peak in the background. Isn't this a great shot? I'm thinking of sending it in for consideration for the 2004 Fiesta calendar.
Wish me luck!

This event wouldn't be complete without a shot of the gas trucks!

Unfortunately this event happens in the evening which means that eventually the sun goes down and it gets too dark for good pictures. I was sorry we missed seeing the balloons actually take off but we wanted to beat the traffic so as soon as it was too dark to take any more shots we left.
That's it for Saturday. click the link below for Day 2!

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