Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Day 2
October 6, 2002
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I've separated the pictures from today into three groups, mass acension/groups of balloons; single balloons; and night glow pictures I'm sure you'll notice that some of them are definitely out of sequence but it seemed to make more sense to group them by type rather than by time. Enjoy!

This shot was taken early in the day, from left to right: Lisa Frank; Daddy's Diamond (yello and blue stripes, dark blue horizontal stripe with white diamonds); Cutie Dink (pink cat); Bloomington Indiana (white with red); Heaven Bound (pink, yellow, teal diagongonals) ; Fired Up (just the side showing); in the front the red, white and blue balloon is Cricket's Choice, behind that is Peak Express; and back behind the Bloomington balloon, on the ground, is Kahn's Skydancer.

Same view a few minutes later and a bit more to the right. The multi-colored balloon in the center is Crystal Blue and the striped one behind that is Swisslady. You can see a bit of Polar Sun on the far right.

middle left; Chimera: Middle; Ghost Rider: Bottom right; Desert Drifter: Bottom left; Voyager

Anton the Eagle from Switzerland. The big balloon just lifting off is Driftwood from Colorado. In the background from left to right: Zeleziarne Podbrezova from Slovakia (red with white) ; Desert Drifter from Arizona (yellow with pink); Lelo Design Studio from Czech. Republic (blue with green); Desert Dancer from New Mexico (red, yellow, blue stripes); & Diamond Dust from Sweden (blue with multicolor stipes and diamonds).

The balloons in the air are two of the "Rainbow Ryder" balloons, The one with the red middle is named Enterprize and the other is unnamed as far as I could determine. If you look close you can see how big their baskets are, that's because these were two of the balloons that offered commercial rides. From what I heard the rides cost around $200 per person!! Not that it isn't worth it but WOW!

The balloons on the ground, from left to right: Emerald City, Split Tail and one of the RE/MAX balloons.

A look to the north. Too many balloons to name here, click on the picture for a diagram with names.

From left to right: Lisa Frank; Crystal Blue; Georgia Flower Garden; Unnamed (yellow w/stripes); Bloomin Balloon (you can just see one of the tulips on it); and the bit of the blue balloon you see on the right is Sun Flyer.

Click picture for names.

Left to Right: Cat in the Hat; Nelly B (bright pink); Unnamed (stripes); Seasons Change (smiley face); Kaleidescope

Left to Right: Easy Rider; Wings; Mass Confusion (?); Out of the Blue; Nelly B (pink elephant); Southern Cross; Seasons Change

Okay, so they don't exactly match up but it's close! For a full diagram of names click on the picture on the left.

From left to right on the ground: Snow Princess (white with colored stripes); My Multi Colored Cloud (rainbow with black zig-zag); Rhythm; Hot Shot; Sunshines Ride; Eagleview. I believe that's "Gary's Balloon" peaking up over the middle of Hot Shot either that or it's Sugar Magnolia or the one without a name! Too many similar balloons to be sure without a banner number.

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L-R: Hot Shot; Sunshines Ride; Eagleview

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L to R: Palo Deimos (?); Easy Rizer II; Chesty (Marine bulldog); Pagosa (? I think, turquoise, pink and black); Ghost Rider (Home Depot balloon); Enterprise (? I think - red, white and blue); Son of Ding (yellow, green and blue) Blue Dragon; Amazon Birds; Otto Pilot; Asendin'

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