Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Day 4
Tuesday October 8, 2002
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This was the best day so far, perfect weather, very little wind and, as it turned out, it was the day I got to ride in the balloon! I took 7 rolls of film that day and a good percentage of them turned out terrific, but obviously I can't post them all here so I've chosen the very best from that day to showcase here and on the following pages...

As usual the day began with a dawn patrol just before sunrise. There's something so incredible about seeing these balloons flying just overhead, especially as they're so bright against the dark sky.

Dawn Patrol 01

Balloon's Name is "Kaleidescape" from Lawrence, KS
Dawn Patrol 2

I believe that this balloon is called "Aimless" from Ridgway, CO

Dawn Patrol 3

Kaleidescape and Aimless together

10-8-02 rol1 pic 10

Waiting for sunrise...

As the National Anthem played, the Coco-Cola balloon had the honor of flying the American Flag.


By Dawn's early light...

The sun is actually already up but because the balloons were blocking it the light shining through was fantastic!

Some of our neighbors getting their balloons ready to inflate.

First wave...


The "Georgia Flower Garden" Balloon


Looking back behind our launch site, the yellow balloon is called "Doubloon con Negro", the dark-blue one with the yellow flags is "Seasons Change", and the green and white balloon is called "Emerald City". With over 700 balloons on the field it was sometimes impossible to tell which balloon was which, especially since so many of them didn't get a picture into the program. But I persevered and did find the names of the majority of the balloon I photographed. Luckily they've maintained the names and pictures at the balloon fiesta website!

And then it was time to get our balloon ready to take off. While the envelope was inflating I was told by Rick (our pilot) that I'd be going with the balloon today!

And away we go...That's my mom in the red jacket, I was a little excited which should explain the focusing problem I had! The two guys walking away are Michael, part of our crew (on the left) and my step-dad Mike (on the right in the vest and hat)

Take off - Mom, Mike, Michael

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