Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Day 4
Tuesday October 8, 2002
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Click Picture for names

Click Picture for names
10-8-02-7-13 This is a great shot, see the dark balloon that looks like it has something stuck to the side of it? It does!! another balloon! The balloon's name is "A Little on the Side" and it was made to look like a smaller balloon had collided with the larger one. Always made people do a double take when it flew past! Click on the picture for balloon names.

This picture was taken facing South and we landed on the NorthEast corner of the field, just under the spot that "A Little on the Side" is flying over. Not a bad landing at all, in fact, from what everyone else told me later, it was one of the best landings for the whole week. And since the crew wasn't right there when we landed, Rick had a great time teasing the crew about not telling them they could leave the field in the first place! Did I get the best day for a flight or what?!!

Once we landed there wasn't time to take pictures until the balloon was all packed up. I did take the chance to get a shot of the day's crew though as they were getting everything loaded up. From left to right: Rick (pilot), my Mom Frances, step-dad Mike, Roland (up on the lift), and Michael.

10-8-02_8-05 After we got everything loaded up and Rick took the van to get the propane tanks refilled (remember the filling station?) it was time for a little tailgating of our own. We had packed a picnic today and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. So much for having any leftovers!

From Left to Right: Tanya (with her back to the camera, she's Jonathon's fiance, Jonathon owns "Gloria Caeli" the tie-dye balloon, Tanya was having Rick sign her pilot's log as he had given her a flying lesson the day before); Mom (facing the camera) Rick; Michael's dad (don't remember his name) and I'm not sure who the body is since I managed to cut his head off in the picture though I'm sure he's part of Jonathon's crew.

Once the picnic was done Mom and I decided to go wander down merchants' row and do a bit of shopping. On the way back to the car we spotted this lady with her "pet". He was just the cutest thing!

And then we spotted a whole herd of "zebras" !!

They were nice enough to pose for a picture too! These guys are so much fun. They have a very serious job (launch directors) but they have a great time with their "uniforms". One of this group even had a stuffed zebra sitting on his shoulder. There was one of the launch directors (not in this picture unfortunately) who was wearing a top hat and white tuxedo tail coat that had been printed with a zebra pattern, just too cute~! I was never in the right place to get a shot of him though. Maybe next year!

And then it was over, time to go home and rest up for tomorrow. As we were leaving the field we had to wait to cross the foot bridge, the big horse with a policeman on him definitely had the right of way!
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