Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Day 6
Thursday October 10, 2002
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We were one of the balloons taking off from an alternate field today, there just wasn't time to take many pictures either. So today's a single page. My mom got to ride in the balloon with Rick and Tanya. Tanya was getting another flying lesson and the lesson of the day was landing and taking off so the balloon looked like it was jumping around most of the day! Would have been a riot if it had been caught on video!!

Pretty picture, never did find out what balloon that was though.

Left to right: Unknown, Rainbow Raven, Crimson Star


Mom and Me (and Tanya's back)

Most of the Crew, Left to Right: Becca's friend; Mom; Lindsey; Michael; Becca's boyfriend; Becca; Tanya; Rick

Getting ready to take off. Poor timing on my part for taking a picture! But then Mom was a bit excited!
And away they go, wave to Mom! 10-10-02-1-24

U Buy I Fly

Plum Ducky

The balloons wound up out over a new housing developement today. That's Gloria Caeli in the distance.

That's Roland on middle of the embankment. You can see Polar Sun behind him. The red, white, and blue balloon on the ground is Cricket's Dream. We had to go over that embankment to get to our balloon and then had to stop and help the crew of Cricket's dream keep their balloon off of a barbed wire fence in order to get past them on the "road". And then we chased our balloon for what seemed like hours!! Finally got to them after 4-wheeling all over the place!! The Explorer definitely needed a bath after the chase today!!

Once we got the balloon safely stowed again and eveyone loaded up in the vehicles we headed back to the field. It was "Go Fly a Kite" day! And that's it for Thursday. Next page is pictures from Friday...
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