Books I Recommend

I've separated this listing into several areas. The first group "classics" are the books that I was recommended when I first started down this path, they are the books that no pagan should be without (in my opinion anyway). The second group "My Favorites", are books that I've read and found to be of aid on this journey. The third group "Celtic Studies" are highly recommended books for those who'd like to know more about the Celts themselves, most of these are historical books and can make dry reading but in the long run I've found them to be of immense value to me. The fourth group, "Books I'm Reading Now", is exactly that, the list of books I'm reading at this point in time and have no distinct opinion on yet. The fifth group "Books on my Wish list", are books that have been recommended to me but I've not read yet but feel that I should pass on the advice that I was given. The final group "Pagan Fiction" is a listing of fictional books with a pagan theme that I've read and greatly enjoyed.

All of these books are available through and I'd really appreciate it, when you decide to purchase them that is, if you'd do so through the links I've provided. That'll help pay for the upkeep of this site and enable me to continue to devote so much of my time to it.

Thanks and Brightest Blessings to you,
Happy Reading!


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