The Goddess and the Rose

(Tune: The Rose)

Some say you'll find her in the bright Moon
That shines to light this night
And some say she is the cool breeze
That lifts the birds in flight
Some say she is the ocean, the tides that ebb and flow
And they say she is the green Earth
And the beauty of a rose.

She is called the soul of nature
The source of all who live
All return to her at dying and new life is hers to give
Yet we honor her in pleasure, in all acts of joy and love
When we gather in our circle
As the full Moon shines above.

Let there be among us beauty
Honor, strength, humility
Reverence, power, and compassion,
Mirth and joy, and spirit free.
Now, where is she, where can we find her
We who truly seek to know
Stop all searching through the wide world
And look deep within each soul.

Yes, nowhere else will we find here
Is this we cannot see
behold, she is the truth within us
That unveils the mystery
And she has been with us always
For she is our love that grows
She is the seed that gives our spirits
The beauty of a rose.