Triple Solstice Goddess

(Words by Lunaea Weatherstone
Tune: We Three Kings)

Goddesses of the Solstice are we
Bringers of the Star and the Tree
Maiden, Mother, Crone uncover
Winter's deep mystery

Oh, time of wisdom, time of light
Time of Winter's darkest night
Goddess hold me, Love enfold me
Open me to Your light

Maiden of the darkness, I sing
Underworlds of wisdom, I bring
Seeking, learning, Kore returning
Bearing the light of Spring
Demeter, the slumbering Earth
Dreaming of the Daughter's rebirth
Candles lighted, world united
Knowing our own true worth
Crone of deepest wisdom, I dwell
Deep in Time's mysterious well
Dreaming, daring, teaching, sharing
Hecate's secret spell