Spcific types of Celtic knots and what they signify

oval gif Celtic Oval

The Celtic spiral in its purest and simplest form symbolizes eternity, continuity, and the never endingness of life. Created and passed down by early generations of Celtic peoples in Europe, England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, the Celtic spiral can be traced back to 2500 BCE.

triple gif Celtic Triple Drop
The three-sided knot represents the three forces of nature...earth, fire and water. The single continuour line symbolized unity and strength as well as completeness of spirit and being.

round gif Celtic Round

Found on stone crosses in Eastern Ireland, similar circle designs represent and completeness of self. The ourter shape symbolizes the sun's orb, revered by ancient Celts. The three interlocking spiral knots represent earth, fire, and water.

square gif Celtic Square

Of Scottish origin,the single continuous line of this knot symbolizes love and fidelity. This design is part of what is know as the Celtic love knot.

Four gif Celtic Four

A symbol of good fortune, the four distinctive interlocking circles of this design also stand for the season. The double lines around the edge symbolize friendship or love between two people who are separate yet together.

serpent knot gif Celtic Serpent Knot

This knot design comes from the illuminated pages of the Book of Kells, which according to legend, was written by St. Columba and his monks at the monastery at Kells, Ireland in the 6th century CE. The intricate patterns respresent the endlessness of eternal life.
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