couple.gif 264x275 72K

exlibris.gif 445x445 200K

smexlibris.gif 223x223 50K

knot01.gif 32x31 2K

knot02.gif 149x131 4K

knot03.gif 149x131 4K

knot04.gif 250x250 5K

knot05.gif 215x225 5K

knot06.gif 106x115 4K

knot07.gif 303x151 20K

knot08.gif 34x34 2K

knot09.gif 305x142 5K

zooknot.gif 265x150 40K

celtpent.gif 272x272 363K

knot12.gif 130x105 14.5K

knot13.gif 153x148 3K

mycircle.gif 370x372 26K

mycross.gif 391x390 15K

mycross2.gif 321x318 11K

mycross3.gif 458x455 64K

portpic.gif 360x210 5K

whitespirals.gif 600x280 23K

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