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Amerissus by Jessica Galbreth
Amerissus by Jessica Galbreth
Used with Permission

Spirit of the Forest by Jessica Galbreth

Spirit Of The Forest by Jessica Galbreth
Used with Permission

Where Echo Dwells

Some summer morn immersed in calm,
When every wafture breathes of balm,
Take you the pathway under hill,
Night-haunted by the whippoorwill,
Until, where beech and birch confer,
And hemlocks make their harp-like stir,
A sweeping amphitheatre
Opes, golden green, upon the view;
There Echo dwells, and waits for you.

The elderberry every hour
Adds to the purple of its dower;
With every dusk, with every dawn,
The mandrake fruit takes amber on;
A gossip brook gives happy hint
Of spruce and sassafras and mint;
While overhead, a luring tint,
The vast vault arches, virgin blue;
There Echo dwells, and waits for you.

If you bespeak her loud or low,
At night-heart, or at morning-glow,
Trump-clear, or subtle-sweet and shy,
Swiftly her voice will make reply.
Never beheld, or near or far,
Elusive as blown perfumes are,
Evasive as a falling star,
With all her arid retinue,
Fair Echo dwells, and waits for you!

~Clinton Scollard

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