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Faery Forest - Diana Stanely
Fairy Forest by Diana Stanley
blank The Path to Faery (exerpt)

When dusk falls cool as a rained-on rose,
And a tawny tower the twilight shows,
With the crescent moon, the silver moon,
the curved new moon in a space that glows,
A turret window that grows alight;
There is a path that my Fancy knows,
A glimmering, shimmering path of night,
That far as the Land of Faery goes.

And I follow the path, as Fancy leads
Over the mountains, into the meads
Where the firefly cities, the glowworm cities,
the faery cities are strung like beads
Each city a twinkling star
And I live a life of valorous deeds
And march with the Faery King to war
And ride with his knights on milk-white steeds.

Madison Cawein

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