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Rare light green to bluish green variety of microcline, a type of feldspar. Sometimes has gray, white or yellow streaks. Usually translucent to opaque, rarely ever transparent.


Amazonite was named for the Amazon river and though the mineral was never actually found near that river, it is found in other parts of Brazil. It is used mainly as an ornamental stone and in jewelry.

Lore & History:

Said to be one of the stones worn on the breastplates of ancient chieftains.

"Being a variety of micorcline feldspar, amazonite is said to also possess all the properties of microcline as well. Microcline is said to be useful in the treatment of eye disorders and fevers, and to help control water retention and to help with ease of childbirth. It is said to stimulate clarity of thought, to enhance understanding, and to improve one's ability to cooperate with others (from

Healing Properties:

Helps alleviate muscle spasms, normalizes calcium levels, relieves stress and exaustion, gives stamina and brings one back to "center".

Magickal/Metaphysical Properties:

Heart Chakra

Gently harmonizes throat and heart chakras, and balances male and female energies. Will help calm emotions and soothes nerves. Helps enhance creativity and artistic expression. Use in spells, rituals, and meditation to ground and center oneself, and to inspire creativity, truth, and eloquence. When held to the third eye chakra, amazonite can help unlock your psychic vision and help you to see life more clearly. The deeper the color of the stone the more powerful it is.

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Astrological Correspondence:

Virgo, alternate birthstone for December

Amazonite Tumbled Stone
Tumbled Amazonite Stone


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