Other Names:

None Found

Chemical Composition:

(K, Na)Ca4Si8O20(F,OH)-8H2O
Hydrated Potassium Calcium Sodium Silicate Fluoride Hydroxide


4 1/2-5


Transparent to Transluscent Crystal in several colors (green, white, pink, yellow, clear and violet.


Apophyllite is not really a mineral, it's a name given to a group of similar minerals.

Lore & History:

Apophyllite takes its name from a Greek word meaining 'to leaf apart' because of its habit of flaking or peeling apart when heated due to the loss of water molecules.

Healing Properties:

Opens and stimulates the heart chakra thus aiding all healing energies and aural cleansings.

Magickal/Metaphysical Properties:

Helps create a connection between the physical and spiritual aspects of reality which helps attune the spirit with the body. Assists in balancing and bringing peace to the; heart; aids in the connection to the higher self; balances and calms the subtle energy bodies, mind and emotions is a soft, gentle way; permits the recognition of the truth in all situations. Can be used to charge objects and is said to be useful in past life regression.

Deity/Elemental/Planetary Affinity:


Astrological Correspondence:

Libra & Gemini

Where to Wear for best results:

Near the Heart

Green Apophyllite   Pink Apophyllite   Clear Apophyllite


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