Other Names:

Water Stone, Blue-Green Beryl, Sea Water

Chemical Composition:



7 1/2 - 8


Light transparent Blue to Bluish-Green variety of Beryl. The color of aquamarine is due to trace amounts of iron impurities in the beryl chemical structure. Usually recognized by its hexagonal crystal form, color and specific gravity (2.68 - 2.8). Distinguished from apatite by its greater hardness.


In Latin, aquamarine means "Water of the Sea" Indeed, it does look like the azure shades of the Mediterranean have been captured in this beautiful gemstone. The birthstone of March, aquamarine ranges from light blue to blue-green.

In the 19th century the preferred color for aquamarine was sea green, to day the most valued colors are sky blue and dark blue. Today aquamarine is routinely heat-treated to remove the green component, thereby producing a permanently colored blue gemstone.

There are aquamarine deposits in all continents. the most important ones are in Brazil. Aquamarine is often cut with the table facet parallel to the length of the crystal in order to emphasize the deepest coloration of the gemstone. Typical inclusions are fine hollow rods which sometimes reflect white light.

Lore & History:

In the Middle Ages, it was commonly believed that wearing aquamarine would grant the bearer foresight, insight, and freedom from insomnia. Water in which an aquamarine had been soaked purportedly stopped hiccoughs, cured eye problems, and relieved breathing problems. Other supposed attributes of aquamarine are its ability to: Cure laziness; Quicken the intellect; Provide courage; Provide happiness; Make youth everlasting.

Healing Properties:

Aquamarine is said to help reduce dependence on drugs, to aid in digestion, as a remedy for swollen glands and to maintain the health of the jaws and teeth. Use to help treat ailments of the throat, spleen, heart, immune system, thymus, lymph nodes, mouth, and ears.

Magickal/Metaphysical Properties:

Aquamarine is given as a symbol of beauty, honest, and loyalty. It is said to re-awaken love in long married couples adn signify the making of new friends. Use in meditation to balance ones physical self with ones mental and emotional self. Worn or carried it enhanced the utilization of psychic powers and reduces the conscious mind's hold on the material realm. Aquamarine will cleanse and purify the aura and help bring feelings of peace, love, joy, and happiness. Often carried as a "good luck" stone by those who are taking exams or being interviewed for a job.

Deity/Elemental/Planetary Affinity:

Neptune, Poseidon/Water/Moon

Astrological Correspondence:

Scorpio (Birthstone), Pisces (Planetary Stone)

Where to Wear for best results:

Ears to bring love and affection; around the neck for healing; and as an amulet for protection while at sea; Anywhere else for good luck

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