Other Names:

Green (or blue) Aventurine Quartz, Indian Jade

Chemical Composition:





Both green and blue aventurine are types of quartzite, the colors coming from the presence of other minerals. These opaque minerals are formed in massive layers similar to sandstone.


Often confused with amazonite and jade, dark green aventurine has inclusions of mica and pyrite which give it a speckled appearance. Aventurine is a form of quartzite, composed mostly of quartz grains interlocked with other minerals which impart the lovely color. There is also a blue variety of aventurine which gets its color from aluminous sediments containing boron, present when the stone was formed.

Lore & History:

The gem varieties of quartz have been used as gemstones and other ornamental objects for thousands of years. Green and blue aventurine are popular lapidiary materials today, both show a wonderful color when polished.

Healing Properties:

Used to treat disorders of the lungs and hear and helps increase muscle flexibility.

Blue Aventurine helps to release toxins from the body, gives strength to those suffering from debilitating diseases.

Magickal/Metaphysical Properties:

Increases perception & creative insight. Stimulates opportunity and motivation helps relieve anxiety and calms ones emotions. Said to bring good luck while gambling. Enhances ones creativity and leadership qualities. Balances male and female energies.

Blue Aventurine provides patience, eliminates stubborness, controls excitability, and can help give deeper understanding of the cause and effect in situations thus allowing one to more fully understand and to find the optimum solution.

Deity/Elemental/Planetary Affinity:


Astrological Correspondence:

Aries, 8th Anniversary (Blue Aventurine-Leo)

Where to Wear for best results:

Near the heart

Blue Aventurine    Tumbled Green Aventurine


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