Other Names:

Heliotrope, "the Martyr's Stone", "Stone of Courage"

Chemical Composition:

Sio2 with impurities


6.75 - 7


Bloodstone, also known as Heliotrope, is a dark green form of Chalcedony Quartz. Iron impurities create the characteristic red and brown spots which are said to resemble drops of blood, hence the name "bloodstone">


The alternate name for Bloodstone, comes from the Greek words helio (sun) and trepein (turning), thus "heliotrope". It was once said that this stone had the power to turn the sun blood red, and to cause thunder, lightning, raid and tempests.

Lore & History:

A person carrying bloodstone, it was believed, could stop bleeding and hemmoraging when healing others, and in himself. Legend hold that the red spots in the stone are the result of drops of Christ's blood dripping onto green quartz at the foot of the cross. In ancient Babylon it was carried to overcome enemies. In Egypt it was used to open locked doors, break bonds, and cause stone walls to fall. It is most famous for its ability to stop bleeding due to the pressure on the wound and the cool temperature of the stone.

Healing Properties:

Helps heal all blood related disorders as well as ailments of the eyes, lungs and heart. Carried to keep the blood healthy.

Magickal/Metaphysical Properties:

Wear to increase physical strength, win competitions, lengthen life span, and to bring courage. Used to bring honesy and integrity to relationships, renew love and vitality. It lends courage, calms fears, and eliminates anger. Use in spells designed for help in legal matters, achieving wealth, and business success. Pregnant women should carry it to help prevent miscarriage and to ease childbirth. Also used as a farmers' talisman to bring abundant crops.

Deity/Elemental/Planetary Affinity:


Astrological Correspondence:

Pisces and Aries (March Birthstone)

Bloodstone Cabochon


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