Other Names:

Celestine, "Stone of Heaven"

Chemical Composition:

SrSO4 - Strontium Sulfate


3 - 3.5


Transluscent to transparent sky-blue to almost clear crysts.s. Celestite is a soft, brittle mineral not suitable for carving or faceting for jewelry. Found mainly as specimens for collectors. The color fades in sunlight so it must be kept well protected to preserve its beauty.


Celestite is a favorite among mineral collectors, it's sky blue color is unique in the mineral kingdom. It is usually blue but can also be colorless, with yellow and tints of red, green and brown. It is mainly found in parts of New York, Michigan, Ohio, Colorado, California, Madagascar, Sicily, Poland, Czechloslovakia, and Germany. The best specimens are said to come from the U.S., but many fine crystals have been found elsewhere.

Lore & History:

Celestite is said to have come from the star group called the Pleiades. It is supposed to hold the wisdom of the ages and to promote truth. When one holds a piece of celestite no lies may be told or the listener will know immediately that what was said is untrue.

Healing Properties:

In healing celestite translates pain and injury into love and light and can be used to improve hearing, aid sight disorders, and to balance mental dysfunctions. Use to alleviate digestive disorders and ailments of the intestinal tract and colon. It is believed to give off energies that will help remove negative toxins from the system and to help prevent cellular degeneration and destruction.

Magickal/Metaphysical Properties:

Use Celestite in meditation to balance one's male and female energies and to bring the mind in attunement with the universe. It is excellent for any type of mental activity, such as study work and writing. It clears, balances and attunes all the chakras. Said to be one of the most powerful stones there is. It is a good stone for public speakers, especially those who have an important message to get across as it facilitates fluency and proper pronunciation as well as providing the listeners with a sense of the truth of what is being said.

Use in meditation and ritual for relaxation and peace of mind and to accelerate spiritual growth by expanding creative expression and learning about one's higher self. It helps calm an over-active mind, cool fiery feelings, and brings inner peace, harmony and hope. Use for lucid dreaming and astral travel. Also helps with dream recall, place a piece of celestite by the bed before sleep for this purpose.

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Celestite Crystal Clusters

Celestite Cut Gemstone


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