Other Names:

Bones of the Sea

Chemical Composition:

CaCo3 (Calcified Marine Lifeforms)


3-4 (very soft)


Coral is the calcified skeletal remains of a particular form or marine life called 'coral polyps'. It comes in several colors, including white, pink, orange, red, blue, and black. It is extremely fragile in its natural state and must be protected against blows and anything that may scratch it. Darker colors will fade when left in the sun so be sure and store them properly. Most commercial colored coral has been dyed so if you're purchasing a particular color for it's metaphysical or healing properties make sure that the coral is natural and not artificially colored.

Lore & History:

Throughout the ages, coral has always been regarded as holding the power of the oceans. Sailors often carried a piece to protect them while they were at sea.

Healing Properties:

In general, coral aids regeneration of bone, muscle, and the spine, aids in blood cell disorders and is extremely beneficial to the reproductive system. Coral is said to be extremely valuable to those whose core energy has been stressed and depleted tot he extent that their body can no longer heal on its own. The specific colors all have their own properties as follows:

White: Spiritual balance, relaxation, protection, safe travel on water, appreciation of nature, and emotional balance.

Pink: Platonic Love, Friendship, community, increases sensitivity, caring and compassion

Red: Promotes creativity, passion, romantic or physical love, wisdom, optimism, enthusiasm, and emotional energy.

Black: Creativity, Repels lower energies.

Magickal/Metaphysical Properties:

The different colors of coral all have their own different properties but in general coral is believed to energize ones emotion and improve general physical and mental well being. It is also believed to protect its wearer from evil thoughts and negativity sent by others. Symbolically coral represents attachment, devotion, and protection against pestilence. It is said to give wisdom and to protect children. Coral was once believed to cure madness as well as to protect sea travelers from storms.

Deity/Elemental/Planetary Affinity:

Venus/Water/Mother Goddesses

Astrological Correspondence:

Red Coral is a birthstone of Taurus, the stone for a 35th anniversary, and Black Coral is Hawaii's state gemstone.

Where to Wear for best results:


Staghorn Coral   Elkhorn Coral   Filigree Coral

Blue Coral

Horn Coral   Red Coral Necklace


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