For thousands of years crystals and gemstones have fascinated humankind.

"Our ultimate purpose for being on the earth is for spiritual development, for soul growth, which hinges on the responsibility of seeking spiritual guidance from within and overcoming ourselves by raising our vibration to be more in accord with these higher forces and more sensitive to their influences. Each soul, each person, is a co-creator with the universal consciousness. So, when the material world came into being, there were those vibrations, those emotions set about it which are expressions of ourselves." (From "Edgar Cayce on the power of Colors, Stones and Crystals")

I do apologize for not having this list complete, it's just taken a lot more time than I anticipated. Thus far I've completed the listing through coral and will be adding new information to the other gem pages as time and inspiration permit. Keep checking back as I hope to add at least a few new one's per month. Thanks for your patience!

For a non-frames version go to this page.

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