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Special Notes: Time of the Horned God and the Lady of the Greenwood; honor of the house guardian.
Altar Supplies: incense; burner; chalice of water; salt; pentacle; dagger or sword; 4 Element Candles; chalice of wine; wand. Somewhere withing the circle area, the house guardian or his symbol, in whatever form you have chosen; perfumed oil.
Rose Trio
With casting the circle as your basic staring point, perform the Sample Ritual, inserting the following steps where the Sample states "proceed withyour planned spellwork or ceremony":

Raise your wand in greeting, say:

I give greetings to the Goddess of things wild,
of skies and of waters. I do call upon you,
Lovely Lady to be here with me.

Dance or at least march around the altar, beginning in the east and moving clockwise. Pause to salute each Elemental quarter with raised arms. Move back to the alter when finished.

Blessed by the words of the Lady of May
and the laughing Lord of the Greenwood.
Let now thy great light come into me.
I am a cup to be fulled,
that I may do what is needful.
Blessed ever be the Lord and Lady!

Stand before the house guardian or symbol.

Lovely Lady, great Lord, I present to you
the guardian of this house, the special spirit
I have invited into my home as protector and helper.
I honor this spirit in the symbol of its being.
Great Ones, bless this guardian of this house.
And to your blessings, I add my thanks.
Blessed Be.

The guardian symbol or statue is lightly anointed with perfumed oil. If the symbol is such that it cannot be oiled, at least swing the smoking incense burner around it.

Place the wine chalice on the pentacle for a few moments, then lift it high, saying:

Honor to the Old Gods!
Merry meet, and merry part,
And merry meet again!!

Drink the wine, saving some to be put outside for the little people.

Rose Trio
refer to the Sample Ritual at this time for the standard closing or departure ritual, commencing where the Sample states "when everything is completed..."

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