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Also known as: Fall or Autumn Equinox, Wine Harvest, Feast of Avalon, Alban Elved (Druid), Alban Elfed (Caledonii), Winter Finding (Teutonic)

Date: Fall Equinox, usually about September 21-23

Symbols: Apples, Wine, Vines, Garlands, Gourd, Cornucopia, Burial Cairns

Deities: Wine Gods, Harvest Deities, Aging Deities

Colors: Brown, Orange, Russet, Maroon, Fall Colors

Herbs: benzoin, marigold, myrrh, sage, and thistles may be burned; acorns, astors, ferns, honeysuckle, milkweed, mums, oak leaves, pine, and roses may be used as decorations.

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Mabon (MAY-bone or MAH-bawn) is named for the Welsh God and it is seen as the second of the three harvests, and particularly as a celebration o fthe vine harvests and of wine. It is also associated with apples as symbols os life renewed.

Celebrating new-made wine, harvesting apples and vine products, and visiting burial cairns to place an apple upon them, were all ways in which the Celts honored this Sabbat. (Avalon, one of the many Celtic names for the Land of the Dead, literally means the "land of apples".) These acts symbolized both thankfulness for the life-giving harvest, and the wish of the living to be reunited with their dead.

Taken from "Celtic Myth and Magick" by Edain McCoy
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Here are a few suggestions for Mabon activities that can be incorporated into the Sabbat or done during the day.

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Make a protection charm of hazelnuts (filberts) strung on red thread.

acorns and oak leaves
Hang dried ears of corn on the front door, doorposts, or outside light fixture (hang the corn so it does not come into contact with the heat of the lightbulb).

indian corn
Serve a Mabon meal of wine from the God and beans and squashes from the Goddess.

Collect milkweed pods to decorate at Yuletide and attract the faeries.

Call upon the elementals and honor them for their help with (N-earth) home and finances, (E-air) school and knowledge, (S-fire) careers and accomplishments, (W-water) emotional balance and fruitful relationships.

Activities taken from "Green Witchcraft" by Anne Moura (Aoumiel)

Click here for a Mabon Ritual
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