Samhain Ritual Title

Special Notes: This is the Time of the Thin Veil or communion with the dead, the ruling time of the Crone aspect of the Goddess.

Altar Supplies: incense; burner; chalice of water; salt; pentacle; dagger or sword; wand; 4 Element candles; cauldron; chalice of wine; plate of bread and salt; You will need extra candles (one white, one red, two black, one yellow, and one green) and holders for them. Arrange the white, red and black candles on the left side of the altar and the green, black, and yellow candles on the right side.

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With casting the circle as your basic starting point, perform the same ritual illustrated in the 'Sample Ritual', inserting the following steps where the Sample states "proceed with you planned spellwork or ceremony".

Turn to the three candles on the left side of the altar, saying:

I light three candles for the Triple Goddess...
the Great Lady of Three Aspects
(light the white candle)Glorious Maiden,
Goddess of youth and new beginnings,
Dawn and the planted seed.
(light the red candle) Great Mother,
Goddess of magic and plenty, Love and knowledge.
(light the black) Dark Crone, wise Goddess of the night, death and rebirth.
I welcome the Goddess in all her forms.

Turn to the three candles on the right of the altar, saying:

I light three candles for the Triple God
...Great Lord of many faces
(light the yellow candle)Bright Sun King,
God of success and plenty.
(light the green candle)Horned God of the Woodlands
God of fertility and growth.
(light the black candle) Dark Lord of the Underworld
God of protection and rest.
I welcome the God in all his forms.

Raise your arms over the altar and say:

This night is the Feast of the Dead,
the night of the wheel-turning year
that brings us to the Thin Veil.
The gates between the worlds
stand open this night.
I honor my ancestors whose voices
come to me on the whispering wind.
All those who wish me well
are welcomed within this circle.

Place the plate of bread and salt on the pentacle. Say:

This is Ancestor Night, the night strongest
for communication with those gone into Emania,
those who now dwell in the presence of the Old Gods.
The Veil has been lifted that I may know I am not forgotten.
All those who wish me well are welcomed within this circle.

Lift the plate of bread and salt up over the altar. Say:

I ask all who have gathered here
to join me in this feast.

Dip a piece of the bread into the salt and eat it. Say:

May I always have good health,
prosperity and happiness

Set the plate aside and put the wine chalice on the pentacle for a moment. Take up the cup of wine and say:

May I always be strong in body, mind and spirit.
To the Old Gods! Merry meet, merry part
and merry meet again!

Drink some of the wine. Save some of the wine, bread and salt to be placed outside later for the "little people". Replace the chalice on the altar

Turn back to the Goddess Candles, Say:

The year wheel has turned,
the harvest has come again.
I have sown many thoughtseeds since last Samhain.
Let the good be harvested;
let those that would hinder
or harm me be cast aside.
The Triple Goddess has covered me
with her gentle hands, guided my steps,
heard my desires.
For this I give her honor and love.

Turn to the God candles. Say:

The year wheel has turned,
the harvest has come again.
Once more I stand before the Thin Veil
Before the gates that divide the worlds.
The Triple God has protected me
With his sword, guided my steps,
heard my desires
For this I give him honor and love.

Stand in silence while you ask what you need of the Gods. Also listen for spirit guidance that may come from those in Emania. When finished, say:

All love and honor to the
Great Lady and her Lord.
Blessed Be!

Now is the time for divination, meditation, or spell work. The spellwork should be to begin new projects and end old attachments or projects.

Refer to the sample ritual at this time for the standard closing or departure ritual, commencing where the sample states "when everything is completed..."

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