Amulet spell

Items needed: pen/paper, stone/object, bag/necklace
Take the problem/thing you wish protection from (I.E. negative energy)
and write it down, give as many details as possible (boss at work with
a negative attitude, girl down the hall with bad temper).

Take the paper and visualise the problem, then, visualise a barrier of glowing
light flowing down from Deity and protecting you (some good ones for this are
Athena, protector and warrior, and the God in his protective aspect, also, any
of the Cat Gods (Bast, Sekhmet) have their protective aspect, and the Goddess
as Mother is protective). Visualise a shell covering you in all three dimensions,
above below, in all the directions (the Guardians may be invoked here if you
wish,) also in the astral, and anywhere else you need protection. Take all of
this energy and project it forward into the object you have chosen to be your
amulet (an onyx stone works well). Let the energy pour through you, and into
the stone. Keep the shell up! It is protecting you, and flowing into the stone.
When you feel the spell is complete, slowly turn off the flow of energy, and
place the circle surrounding you into the object, saying words like
"this circle now is not dispelled, this circle now it is withheld,
this circle now it protects me, as I will so mote it be".

Then, burn the paper, symbolising that the problem has no control over
you, and take your charged stone/object and carry it on your person when
you face that situation.

~Author Unknown