Athame Dedication Ritual )O( Full Moon

1. Ritual Bath -
2. Cleanse Athame of any dirt or debris and place on your altar

A. Casting the circle
1. Facing East use your right index finger to trace the
boundaries of your circle deosil
2. Light your altar candle
3. Address elements by lighting East,South,West & North
candles w/ the altar candle
4. Dip the tip of your forefinger into the Salt & say:

"Let the Sacred Salt of life protect & serve me in this rite"

5. Take 3 pinches of salt & drop them 1 at a time into the water.
Stir the water 3 times clockwise & say:

"Deosil Deosil round & round holy water holy ground"

6. Starting in the East sprinkle the sacred salt water
around the circle's perimeter.
7. Repeat w/ incense.
8. Return to the altar & say:

"This circle is now open! Golden divinity blessed be!"

B. Meditating - Connecting

1.Sit or kneel before your altar (do not cross legs or arms)
2. Breathe in & out 13 times to clear your system
3. If you have Deities or symbols focus on them now

C. Athame Dedication

1. Kneeling before the altar & say:

"This night is crackling with anticipation! I have waited patiently for the
coming of this blade & so I now wish celebrate its entrance into my life.
The time has come to devote my athame to the Great Works of the Universe!"

2.Sprinkle the holy water on both sides of the athame & say:

"Bring purity of this tool so that I may use it in my rites"

3. Hold your athame over the incense & say:

"Bring clean energy to initiate the spiritual changes that abound"

4. Now stand up & hold your athame w/ left hand overhead & say:

"The left now meets with the right, intuitive waters with no end in sight.
Feel the blade & know its use, understand my intentions & then induce.
Through abstract wisdom & depth of emotion see that my energies are not lost
in the ocean."

5. Hold athame w/ right hand overhead & say:

"The right now meets with the left, consciously aware of every process. See
the blade & know its use, understand my intentions & then induce. Through
mental clarity & applied skill see that my energies correspond with my will"

6. Now invoke the power of elemental Air. Stand facing East & draw a
lare blue pentagram with your athame starting on the right side & tracing it
to the left point & so forth then finishing where you started. Inside of the
pentagram draw the symbol of Aquarius, this should be visualized as yellow.
Hold the entire image until you feel the energy expanding within the circle.
Now place your athame inside of the pentagram to introduce it to its own element!

7. Take the athame & return it to your altar.

8. Raise energy in your own style; dancing, chanting, spinning, drumming, etc..

9. At the moment of climax take up your athame w/ both hands & release the energy.

10. Return the athame to the altar & say:

"The dagger is now alive with spiritual energy! I hereby proclaim this
tool as being crafted, purified, & dedicated to the Great Work

E. Close the Circle

1. Starting in the East w/ your forefinger travel deosil around the circle
collecting your energies. Travel back around again extinguishing your candles.
2. Go to the altar & thank your Deities or energies for their attendance, & influence.
3. Blow out the altar candle

By James A. Hamilton
Metaphysical Counselor