The flower of light

A Celtic winter spell to help with the winter blues

You Need:
-a large circle of yellow cloth
-St. John's Wort oil
-2 yellow candles
-yellow flowers

Spread the yellow cloth on the floor and sprinkle with a few drops of
blood-red St. John's Wort Oil.

Anoint the candles with several more drops of oil.

Divide the flowers into two bunches.

Seat yourself at the center of the circle of cloth and place a bunch of
flowers at the edge of the cloth on each side of you.

Light the candles and place them at the edge of the cloth, front and
behind you.

Pick two full, perfect blooms, and hold one in the upright palm of each hand.

Focus you mind on the glow of the candle in front of you and chant:

"Oh, healing light, surround me now,
relieve my spirit's darkest hour."

Imagine the scented light being drawn from the candles into the
flowers on your palms, and from there feel it permeating the whole of your body.

Try to keep your concentration for about 20 minutes; when you rise the
melancholy will fall from you.

To complete the spell, take the two flowers in your hands and give
them back to Mother Earth....