Opening the Circle
(From the Spiral Dance by Starhawk adapted for Solitary Ritual)

After ritual work is done, the process of returning to the world and ending the ritual begins with what is commonly called "Cakes and Ale", which, simply put, means eating something to help ground your energy and bring you back to this plane. This can be anything from wine and bread, to juice and cookies ther are no hard fast rules here.

The goblet and plate of food should be held over the altar and a simple blessing said over them before consumption:

All life is your own,
All fruits of the earth
Are fruits of your womb
Your union, your dance.
Goddess (and God)
I thank you for blessings and abundance.
Join with me, Feast with me, Enjoy with me!
Blessed Be.

A small libation may be poured into the cauldron or fire. Then eat and drink and relax until you feel it is time to end the rite.

[Dismissing the Goddess and God]
Goddess and God
I thank you
For your presence,
For your circle,
For light and love,
For night and change,
I ask for your blessing
As you depart.
Hail and farewell! Blessed Be!

After dismissing the deities it is time to open the circle. Beginning in the East and working widdershins (counter-clockwise), draw a Banishing Pentacle and say:

Guardians of the East (North, West, South),
Powers of Air (Earth, Water, Fire) I thank you
For joining in my circle
And I ask for your blessing
As you depart
May there be peace between us
Now and forever. Blessed Be.

Raise your athame to the sky then touch it to the earth, then open your arms and say:

The circle is open, but unbroken,
May the Peace of the Goddess
Go in my heart
Merry Meet, and Merry Part,
And Merry Meet Again.
Blessed Be.