You will need to decide on a place where you will not be disturbed. It is best to come to this place after a purification bath and a time of silent contemplation. This will release incorrect energies and set up the correct ritual attitude.

When you arrive at your location, you need to purify space. You will use sea salted water and lighted incense to do this. I like to use sandalwood because of its spiritual vibration.

Walk the circle, with the incense and salted water once clockwise. Say:

"I consecrate this place of rite,
by salted water, smoke , and firelight.
So mote it be."

Now move back to the center of the circle where your altar space is and replace the incense and salted water.
Take a few minutes to visualize a circle of white light energy surrounding your working space. Once this is done, you need to physically redraw the circle with your athame, wand or right hand. Some traditions walk the circle 3 times for the 3 Celtic worlds, or the Maiden, Mother, and Crone; others simply traverse the circle once.
It should be done clockwise in the way that feels right to you. You start in the North or East. Say:

"This Circle is cast
as in days of old
to welcome the Old Ones
and make the Old Ways retold.
So mote it be."

Now you have your working space. In my tradition we do not break the circle until we have completed all magickal workings.

Next, annoint a white candle with sandalwood oil from center to top, and
center to bottom. Light the candle using wooden matches. Say:

"I do kindle this flame
that known it will be
of my pledge to the Old Ones.
By my will, all to see! So mote it be!

Now you will call the Quarter to witness your rite. Some groups start in the North, the center of the mysteries, while some start in the East, the center of wisdom. Do what feels right for you. You may raise your hands as you call them holding your pentacle symbol.

For all quarters going clockwise:

"Powers of (North, East, South, West)
Please join in my rite
do witness my pledge
and grant me insight.
So mote it be!"

Call to the God and Goddess by raising your hands directly up from the
center of the circle and say:

"Blessed Lady, Mistress of Old,
May you witness this rite
And hear now my pledge
In your love and your light"

"Ancient Lord, Protector of all
As this pledge I do make
My you witness this rite
and the oath that I take"

"By the powers of the Old Ones
and the magick of their ways
I embark on my journey
May they bless all my days
So mote it be."

With the God and Goddess, the Elemental Powers and the Old Ones to witness your rite, you are ready to make your pledge. What follows is a general example but it is best when it comes from your heart.

Raise your white working candle and say:

"Before the God and Goddess, I (your name), henceforth to be known as (your craft name), within the circle of the wise to symbolize my rebirth, do pledge to honor the God and the Goddess in all areas of my life. I will strive to understand their great mysteries, and the mystery of myself. I will share this knowledge and this path with all who sincerely seek such enlightenment. I will protect and guard the Old Ways from those who would desire to destroy them. I will defend the God and Goddess. I will work in harmony with the energies of the Earth, and the Kingdoms of Plant, Animal, Spirit, and Man, striving always for unity and balance. I will work in harmony with the elements, to understand them. I pledge myself as protector of this Earth and Keeper of the Sacred Mother. I will honor and respect my brothers and sisters in the Craft even when our paths do not join. I will respect and keep the Old Ways and the Wiccan Rede. So mote it be."

If you have chosen a ritual athame or other working tool, you may now want to consecrate it by purifying it with the elements and speaking your purpose- pass it through the incense, the candle flame, dip it into the salted water, then wipe it clean annoint it with the sandalwood oil and say:

"I charge this tool to serve me as I honor and respect the Old Ones. May it serve me for as long as I work for the good of all. So mote it be"

At this point, you will want to introduce yourself to the elemental powers.

Walk to the 4 quarters, starting at the
same one you started the circle. Say:

"I (your craft name), who stands between the worlds do place myself before you and enter into the sight, for I have pledged myself to the old ones and old ways. Forever will I work in truth and light.

Sacred powers of the (North, East, South, West)
Blessed realms of Earth, Air, Fire, and Sea,
May we ever share harmony and peace
By my will, so mote it be!"

You may now spend time meditating on the changes that your rebirth into the Craft will bring. It is also a good time to start a journal or Book of Shadows. Your first entry can be what you expect to give to the craft and what you expect to take in return. Be honest and begin your journey in truth.

Now it is time to thank the God and Goddess for witnessing this rite. Say:

"Blessed Lady, Ancient Lord
Enjoined as the Sacred One
I thank you for your blessings
By the power of the moon and sun.
Merry Part, Merry Meet Again."

You may now release the quarters. Start at West, South, East, then North.
(End in whatever quarter you started in, do N, W, S, E if you started in the East) Say:

"Sacred spirits of Old
Powers of the Quarters
Blessings now upon you
From magickal sons and daughters."

"I thank you now and forever
for gifting me strength of heart
May you always return when I call you
May your journey be safe when we part.
So mote it be."

You may now snuff your working candle with a candle snuffer. Never blow out a magickal candle, your breath can alter the vibration of the purpose
charge. Now go on to close the magick circle. Walk once counterclockwise
visualizing the energy fading into the earth and say:

"Though this place of rite, is now open
it forever is whole in my heart
Like the love of the God and Goddess
staying with me though we are apart!
So mote it be!"

Author - unknown