Fertility formula spell

Fertility magic helps up create the energy necessary
to welcome a new life, even if a child is not born to
the couple but adopted.

The week before enacting this spell, rest more, eat
well, and begin making room and time for a child in
your life. Through this week, follow the Italian
custom of eating one consecrated apple per day to
increase fertility. To bless the apple, say:

Great Spirit, bless this fruit
That our union might also be fruitful

On the last day of the week, have a quiet, romantic,
tender time together. Light a yellow candle near the
bed (representing creativity). As you make love,
visualize the cresting energy directed toward the
woman's womb or any documents associated with an
adoption. Let the candle burn completely out, but
save the wax.

Soften the wax remains in a microwave or on the stove
and fashion it into the rough likeness of a baby.
Swaddle it in warm, white cloth to protect your magic
until it manifests.

(from "A Little Book of Love Magic")