Handfasting Ritual 2

Cast Circle

HPS: (opens doorway with staff, place staff across threshold of door)
There are two who would be joined together as one.
Let them enter into this place of love and begin their union together.

(Bride and Groom enter and stand in center of circle)

HPS:(to others outside of the circle) The gate stands open to the
temple of love. There is no challenge, for all are welcome here,
who enter with joy and love for this sacred union.

(any who enter are annointed with Celtic cross and told:) blessing be upon you!

HP: (At the Eastern Watchtower) Hear me Raphael (may be replaced with the name of any air deity),
Lord of air- you who rules over the realms of birth and new beginnings.
We call thee forth to witness our rite, and guard this circle with your love and light!

(At South) Hear me Michael (or other Fire deity),
Lord of fire- you who shines so brightly over our lives,
filling them with the love that is yours, so that it may shine forth from within.
We call thee forth to witness our rite, and to guard this circle
with your love and light!

HPS: (West) Hear me Gabriel (or other Water deity),
Lady of water- you who reigns over all endings, that which without,
there could be no beginning. We call thee forth to witness
our rite, and guard this circle with your love and light.

(North) Hear me Ariel, (or other Earth deity)
Lady of earth- you who are the body and mystery,
from which all life begins.
We call thee forth to witness our rite, and guard this circle with your love and light.

(HPS- light Lady Candle HP- Light Lord Candle)

Both: (HPS) Gracious Goddess (HP) Mighty Lord (together)
Give to these before us, we do ask; your love and protection
from all that would try to harm their union.
Blessed be!

(handmaiden and summoner bring forth Bride and Groom from center of circle
and place her before priestess and him before priest)



HPS: Is it your wish, (Bride's name), to become one with this man in
the bond of handfasting?

Bride: It is.

HP: Is it your wish, (Groom's name), to become one with this woman
in the bond of handfasting?

Groom: it is.

HP: Air, Be with us here, oh beings of air, With your clever fingers, tie
closely the bonds between this pair.

Fire, Be with us here, oh beings of fire, Give their love and passion, your
all consuming ardor.

HPS: Water, Be with us here, oh beings of water. Give them the deepest of
love, and richness of body and soul and spirit.

Earth, Be with us here, oh beings of earth. Let your strength and
consistency be theirs through out this union for this life time.

(Priestess places Brides ring on wand and holds end in left hand. Priest
places Grooms ring on wand and holds end in right hand. present wand to

HP: place your right hands on this wand, his hand over hers.(pause while do
so) Above you are the stars, below you the stones, as time does pass
remember...... like a star, should your love be constant, like a stone,
should your love be firm

HPS: Be close, yet not too close. possess one another, yet be understanding.
have patience, each with the other, for storms will come, yet also will they
pass. Be free in giving of affection and warmth. make love often, and be
sensuous with each other.

HP: Have no fear, and let not the words of the unenlightened give you
unease, for the God and Goddess are with you and have blessed this union
with their love and presence.

HPS: Take now your rings and place them on each others hand. remembering as
you do so, that they include a small portion of this circle to remind you
always of your love for each other and your union that is made here today.

(*couple may choose to exchange vows they have written to each other*)

(remove rings and give to couple, who then place them on each others

HPS: As you have chosen to mingle your lives, so now do you mingle your
love....the two becoming as one.

(HP hands her the ribbons and they are bound to each other in this manner)

HP: Then as the Lord and Lady and all the ancient and mighty ones are
witness to this rite, thus are thy hands fasted, the two are one, the work of joy is
done, and yet.... just begun.

(Priestess and Priest take broom to center of circle, while Maiden and
Summoner direct /lead couple to center in front of broom. Priestess holds
bushy end of broom and priest holds handle end, keeping broom about a foot
above the ground.)

(Couple jump the broom)(priestess takes broom and sweeps away all negativity
and traces of their past life apart from around and behind them, out the door
of the circle)

(couple picks up their own tapers and light from power candle, then
together, light their single candle)

HPS: The candle of life is lit.....

HP: Likewise, the candle of the soul...

BOTH: Together, they combine to form the eternal light of love.

HPS: May the lord and lady recognize the bonds drawn between this couple by
their own strength of love and will. let the ties between them be strong,
yet supple and let none strive to break this bond that they have set forth in
the presence of the Lord and lady for this lifetime.

HP: Let those of you here with this pair, lend your love and light to their

BOTH: I now declare thee...husband and wife! blessed be!

(HPS and HP pick up cup for the inside of circle, Maiden and Summoner hold
cup for outside of circle and Bride and Groom hold their own cup. Maiden and
Summoner need not kiss to charge wine)

HPS: And the goddess said, these be the five points of fellowship.

: foot to foot

: knee to knee

: lance to grail

: heart to heart

: lip to lip

: joined together, they bring blessedness.

(Bride and Groom kiss to charge cup)

HPS: Let us drink from the loving cup and the joy of this union.

(Bride and Groom drink from their cup, pass all other chalices)

HP: From spirit we come, and to spirit we go, from their union, the power of
love will flow.

HPS: The winds of reason will stir the air, and temper their quarrels with
respectful care.

HP: Their bond is forged upon the fire and love will fill their hearts with
steady desire.

HPS: The waters of understanding will fill them up and they will drink
together from wisdom's cup.

HP: The earth in her glory will smile upon this pair health, harmony and
happiness will be theirs to share.

Both: For what goes around, returns again, to those who love. For the spirit
of union reflects the pattern above.

HPS: As these two hearts have combined like the flame of their candles, made
strong by love. May the light of their love become a beacon by which they
may always find one another. These children of the gods have lit a candle in the
darkness of the world. May it always burn with a steady light and if it
should flicker or threaten to go out, may both raise a hand to guard and
shield it. For the candle of their love may well assist other travelers on
the road of life. So Mote It Be. Blessed Be.

Both: Circles ripple out to forever echo and perform the act of magick with
which you are charged. so mote it be!

(As couple leaves, HP and HPS silently and quickly dismiss lord and lady
and watchtowers)

~Author Unknown