House Finding Tarot Spell
from Tarot Spells by Janina Renee

This is a square four card layout                ---- ----
as these four lines show the cards in place    ---- ----
You will use the Hermit(lower right position) which represents here
the process of searching.
The Four of Wands(lower left position) which represents a house that is an
ideal home and haven of refuge.
The Six of Cups (upper left position) is the card of sentiment, which is
used here because you want a home that evokes happy times bringing happy memories.
The 10 of Pentacles (upper right) shows a family enjoying the security of their home.
note: you can substitute this card for the 10 of Cups as well as it emphasizes
the emotional well-being the family enjoys in their home.. the 10 of Pentacles
emphasizes physical well-being

In advance of performing this spell you will need to get a little
"sympathetic magick" going by working on a project that symbolizes the
essence of your desire to find the perfect home. It can be as big a
project as you want or as small as making a scrapbook with clippings
from a magazine which shows the interiors and exteriors of homes you like ..
or just a drawing or layout of the home you would like...or even circling
desirable ads in the paper for houses for sale or rent..

Use a brown candle to represent rootedness and security
White--symbolizing the harmonious blend of all colors and the elements you
want to bring together in your ideal home

Set the Hermit in place. Envision yourself going through the house-hunting
process, traveling around, looking at homes and considering which type will
be just right for you

Next lay down the 4 Of WANDS. Visualize yourself having found that dream house.
Think of feeling elated, because you are able to get the home at a bargain price.

Lay down the 6 OF CUPS and think of the happy memories that you are
going to make in this home. Think of the celebrations, the warm get-togethers,
the good time you will have and the lasting memories you will gain.

Finally set the 10 Of Pentacles (or cups if you so choose) in place.
Think of the comfort and security that your house will give you.

After you have finished meditating on the cards and visualizing carefully,
and with as much feeling as you can, recite the following affirmation:
(if your dream house project is one that can sit nearby the card layout
then spread your hands over it while you read the affirmation)

"As I set these patterns of cards--I create magick.
I call to me a home, a special home, the house of my dreams
Channels are open for me My ideal house is made ready for me.
I find it easily. I am prepared to make many happy memories in this home.
I make this home a haven of comfort, serenity, joy, and security for many
years to come. As my will, so it is and so mote it be!!"

Also here is a ritual that is given as suggestion to use to open the spell..

Ritual to do before starting the spell--
Arrange some time that you will be alone... about an hour.
If you have music available put on something that will be calm and serene
and meditative. Take a relaxing bath, imagining strongly that you are
cleansing not only your body, but your soul and spirit as well.

You will need a clean flat surface to use as an altar and to lay out your
cards on what ever you choose to use. Set out an incense burner .. (I like
* sandalwood or patchouli incense for this spell). Set up your candles and
* other accessories.. have your cards ready but not laid out yet..Have a
Dark Blue candle on the left of your altar area for the Goddess and a Gold
or Orange Candle for the God.. Light the candles and take a few deep breaths.
Feel yourself connecting to these energies. Hold this meditative state as
long as is necessary for you to connect and say in these or similar words:

(you may have four candles to represent the elements by color ..
Green for earth, Red for fire, Yellow for air, and Blue for Water...
and light each candle as you say)

"I call now upon the Earth,
Far plains and lofty mountains
For power and strength to my spell
As i light this candle is summoning

I call now upon Air
ruler of the skies
And the far wheel of Eternity
For power and strength to my spell
As i light this candle is summoning

I call now upon Fire
That burns in the core of the EArth
AT one with the energies of Life itself
For power and strength to my spell
As i light this candle in summoning

I call now upon Water
Broad lakes, ever-moving streams
And the boundless ocean
For power and strength to my spell
As i light this candle in summoning"

Pause for the length of five heartbeats, then pick up the Tarot deck
and remove the significant cards for the spell and say:

"Reaching into the far distant past
i draw forth these symbols
For that which my spell shall be cast
Here shall be woven Chance, Fortune and Fate
that my deepest wish shall be attained."