Amulet Spell

A BOS Blessing

A Candle Spell for Healing

All Purpose Candle Spell

Banishing Bad Habits

Basic Spell Construction

A Celtic Winter Spell

A Charm to Secure Employment

Fertility Formula Spell

For Good Fortune in Winter

A Full Love Spell

Good Luck Herb Jar

Good Riddance Spell

An Herbal Protection Spell

House Finding Tarot Spell

House Protection Spell

House Protection Spells

House Purification

How To Make Holy Water

Job Spells

Money Jar

Money Spell using an Orange

Moon Cords

Nature Spirit Magick

Negativity Releasing Spell

Petals of Love Spell

Prosperity Spell

Psychic Protection Spell

Safe Car Spell

Simple Manifesting Spell

Spell for Emotional Peace

Spell for Success and Creativity

A Spell for Success in Court

Spell to Ease a Broken Heart

Spell to Reverse a Curse

Stay Away Spell

Tarot Weight Loss Spell

To Break the Powers of a Spell

To Bring Peace and Harmony to your home

To Keep from going to Court

To Know Your Own True Will

To Learn the Truth

To Return a Hex

To Revive Magickal Powers

To Stop Harm from Coming

Tower of White Light, A Spell of Protection

Waning Moon Banishing Spell

Weight Loss Poppet Spell

Working with the Moon

White Candle Blessing Spell

A Witch's Protection Bottle Spell

More spells to be added as time permits...

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