*NOTE: You should record this on a cassette to play during the meditation, leave long enough pauses between segments to complete each part of the meditation....many have had success with this meditation...

Sit comfortably, feet flat on floor, hands resting in lap palms up.
Close your eyes, and breathe in thru nose, out thru mouth...with every breath
you are becoming more and more relaxed.

Picture yourself in a wooded area...you find yourself on a path; walk down this
path...notice your surroundings...the tall trees, the warm breeze rustling the
leaves, the animals that come out to greet you...

Off in the distance you hear a small waterfall...you walk down this path
towards the source of the water...you come to a clearing where you see a lake
with the small waterfall...there are wildflowers around the lake where you are
standing...and big rocks for you to sit on.
Take off your shoes, and wade around in the water...splash around..
the temperature of the water is perfect...it feels quite refreshing and healing
as it touches your skin....stand under the waterfall if you so desire...

Come out of the water and sit on one of the rocks...feeling the sun warm your
skin...You notice a figure moving towards you down the same path which brought
you to this spot...as they move closer, you are able to see more detail of
their presence...see them moving towards you and sitting next to you on a
rock...this is your spirit guide.
Ask him/her their name...and if they wish to give you any information at this
time....be open to them...allow them to connect with you.
You feel so loved and so at peace with your guide! Spend a few minutes with
Now it's time to say goodbye to your guide for now...give them permission to
speak with you at any given time...and know that this is your special place by
the lake and you can return here at any time to talk with your guide(s) and
spirits of loved ones that have since passed into spirit.....

Follow the path back to where you first started, again noticing your
surroundings...saying goodbye to the animals, and that you will see them
again also. And when you get back to your original starting point, when you
are ready, you may open your eyes...

~Author Rev. Susan Royce