The Black Hills of South Dakota

Bear Country USA, Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument

Our first stop once we entered the Black Hills of South Dakota was at Bear Country USA. If you ever make it to this area, this is a must see park! The animals were in large enclosures that mimicked their natural habitat and they all looked so healthy! Especially the bears!
Elk Scruffy Elk, just getting their antlers in.
My favorite picture of the lot! This is an artic wolf, the park had them separate from the other wolves, not sure why. Artic Wolf
More Artic Wolves

Arctic Wolves 3  Arctic Wolves 3
Bighorn Sheep

Big Horn Sheep
Rockay Mountain Goats

Rocky Mountain Goats
Rocky Mountain Goats

Bears and Wolves, for some reason they had the Black Bears and the Grey Wolves in the same enclosure.

Bear Country 13 Bear Country 14
This guy looked like a big ole teddy bear, his coat was so thick and shiny, just looked like he'd be great to cuddle with (yeah I know, I'm deranged!) Bear Country 15
Bear Country 22 Cooling off!
Two shots of another black bear. Bear Country 18 Bear Country 19
Get that Itch Ooooh, get that itch!
Nap Time~! Nap Time
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