The Black Hills of South Dakota

Page 2 - Bear Country USA

Canadian Lynx Canadian Lynx, I felt sorry for this guy, he looked so bored and lonely.
Mountain Lion, he looked bored too. They had these cats in pens by themselves, it was the only part of the park that made me uneasy. Just didn't seem fair to the cats you know? Mountain Lion
Grizzley Bear Grizzly Bear, he was enormous!

By far the best park of the park was the baby pens. These little bear cubs were so fun to watch. There must have been at least a dozen or more altogether in this pen. They were such a joy to watch playing with each other. Definitely one of the highlights of the day.

Bear Country Babies 14
Bear Country Babies 9bear Country Babies 15
Bear Country Babies 17 Bear COuntry Babies 19

This little guy was having a rough time staying upright!
Wolf Pups 1Wolf Pups 2Wolf Pups 3

Wolf Pups - These little guys were just darling! Playing and wrestling around. Too cute!

After we finished up at Bear Country it was on to Mt. Rushmore... Next ===>

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