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Approaching Mt Rushmore

Mt Rushmore 2

(From the brochure given to us at the gate to the monument) Mount Rushmore National Monument
America's Shrine to Democracy carved in stone as a record and celebration of American achievement, growth and spirit. The four presidents chosen symbolize the birth and growing pains of a new nation, each representing a difference stage of development.

WASHINGTON guided a struggling new country - everything he did set a precedent, including the creation of the cabinet system, census polls and a federal banking system.

JEFFERSON, the primary author of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, determined the course this newly formed democratic government would take. He also secured the Louisiana Purchase adding to the Western half of our country.

LINCOLN had the moral integrity to stand for what was right in the face of great opposition. He extended freedom to all people at the cost of a devastating civil war and many lives, yet through this he was able to keep the union of American states intact.

ROOSEVELT secured the Panama Canal, ushering us into a new era of economic growth and increased American involvement and leadership in world affairs.

Mount Rushmore 3 Mount Rushmore
Doug and I
Doug and I
Doug and Brittany
Doug and Brittany

We hung out at Mt. Rushmore for a little while, hit the gift shop so I could get the obligatory mug (I collect them) and buy a few other souvenirs for our family. Then we headed out towards Crazy Horse Monument. Next ===>

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