Day 2 - Sunday May 27, 2001

Black Sand Basin, Old Faithful, Firehole Lake area

Sunday morning dawned bright and clear and we all got up early so we could make a full day of seeing Old Faithful and the surrounding area. As there were now 11 of us, we had to use two cars so half of us piled into the Explorer and the other half piled into Michael's car. We headed out but didn't get very far before most of us needed to find a bathroom (too much coffee!)! We pulled into a picnic area and just as we were getting out of the car, my brother Clinton spotted a moose lying down in the trees. What a lucky stop! What's more, as we walked to the restroom we noticed that the moose was a mama lying in front of her baby! Talk about luck, I honestly didn't expect to see any moose in the park! So this was a most fortunate find in my opinion.
Mama Moose Moose Calf
After everyone had a chance to use the facilities and take plenty of pictures we piled back in the cars to continue on to Old Faithful. Of course we didn't go directly there! There are way too many things to see on the way. As we were turning into Firehole Lake drive we had to stop and wait for bison to cross the road. This poor little guy got separated from the herd and was just bawling his little head off. bison calf on the road.
Reunited Reunited at last!

We finally made it to Old Faithful with only a few minutes left before it erupted. The crowd was huge! We got a good spot right in front of the geyser so the pictures below are taken from close to the same spot. Looking to my left in the first picture, and to the right in the next one.

Old Faithful Crowd Left Old Faithful Crowd Right

We only had about 15 minutes to wait for the eruption....the sky was overcast so it wasn't as spectacular as it might have been if the water and steam were in front of a bright blue sky instead of gray clouds. But it was still a thrill to see it again. The guidebook gives this info about it..."Old Faithful is the world's best-known geyser, and one of the most publicized natural phenomenon of any sort. As most first-time visitors do not realize, it is neither the largest, highest, nor most regular geyser in the park, but it is the most consistent. Its heights, intervals, and lengths of eruption have varied very little in the over 100 years since it was found and named by the Washburn Party in 1870. Old Faithful does not erupt every hour on the hour, but it does erupt 18 to 21 times every day, which is what gave it its 'hourly' reputation. Unlike most geysers, it has two patterns of eruption - short ones that last 1 1/2 to 2 minutes, and long ones that last 3 to 5 minutes."

Starting Eruption Mid Eruption Full tilt!
After viewing the eruption it was lunch time then we all piled back in the cars to visit more sites in the area. Next ===>

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