Day 2 - Sunday May 27, 2001

Black Sand Basin, Old Faithful, Firehole Lake area
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As we drove along Firehole Lake Drive we were disappointed to find that we were there at entirely the wrong time to see Great Fountain Geyser erupt, its next expected eruption was much later that evening so we continued on. One of the first really noticeable formations along this drive is White Dome Geyser. (from the guidebook) "a tall, cone-type geyser, conspicuous over the entire basin. It erupts for 2 minutes, blowing hot water through the opening at its top to heights varying up to 30 feet." Unfortunately we weren't able to witness it erupt, but enjoyed the view nonetheless. As you can tell by the rain clouds, we were about due for our daily afternoon rain storm. (It rained almost every afternoon we were in the park.) White Dome Geyser
Funny Little Flower As I was walking up to take a good look at White Dome Geyser I found this odd little flower growing in the gravel to the side of the path. It was just so alien looking I had to take it's picture!
As we neared the end of Firehole Lake Drive, of course we stopped at Firehole Lake. This warm lake is fed by the Firehole River along with the runoff from several thermal springs in the area, such as this one. Runoff from thermal pools into Firehole Lake
Firehole Lake Geysers Firehole lake and two of the small geysers at it's edge. You can tell by the steam that the water is very hot! and the weather was getting cooler by the minute.
This is Steady Geyser, which is actually found at the lake's bottom, so named because of the steady fountain of hot water gurgling up from it at all times. Steady Geyser
Thumb Paint Pots After leaving the Firehole area, we headed up towards the Fountain Paint Pots, Mom and I were exhausted by then so we let the guys and kids take off for this walk. I snagged this picture of the Thumb Paint Pots from the Yellowstone Guide Book, no photographer credit given...
On the way back to camp we saw this guy just hanging out by the river. The picture turned out just perfect! My best bison photo yet! Bison
Nightly Visitors Back at camp we set about making dinner and getting set for the night and were surprised once again by our Nightly Visitors. These guys (and gals) made their way through our camp every evening around dusk. They had quite the good trail worn down so I imagine that we were in the way of their evening feeding areas. They had very little fear of us, as if they knew we were no threat to them at all.
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