Yellowstone National Park - Day 4 - Tuesday May 29, 2001

After the Rain - Camp Pictures

Monday night was definitely the low point of our whole trip, it poured rain on us from the time we left Mammoth until well after dark. We were a wet and very cranky bunch of campers! Once we finally managed to get tarps hung and dinner made, everyone was so tired we all made it an early night. Of course the rain stopped around 10pm and we were awakened by a Park Ranger who wanted us to put out the fire (like the rain hadn't almost put it out already) so my husband got up and took care of it then we all got back to sleep finally. Tuesday morning dawned clear and crisp! It was a beautiful day, figures as my brother and his family were leaving that morning and my step-dad, husband and other brother had planned on going into Cooke City to buy a car battery (the one in my parents car had given up the ghost a couple days earlier). So Mom and I hung out at camp, gave us time to get all the wet clothes hung up to dry and a chance to wash our hair and relax from the previous grueling day. Check out our "chinese laundry"! Practically every pair of socks we owned got wet, along with everything we were wearing the day before.

After the Rain   After The Rain 3
This was truly a rustic camping experience, there were no showers on site (the closest public showers were at Canyon Campgrounds, over an hour away) so we had to make do with "pta" baths and washing our hair out of a tub of warm water. Just a tip, if you do go camping in the future, take some of the new Lever 2000 body wipes. They're fantastic, though I hadn't showered in several days, I never did feel dirty, those wipes are wonderful! and if you must wash your hair, be sure your shampoo is bio-degradable (such as herbal essences or the like, check the label) as you don't want to harm any of the vegetation or taint the ground water! Oh, and definitely don't forget your deodorant!

after the rain 4
This was such a nice day, it was wonderful to spend some time alone with my mom, and the weather was just perfect! I spent a little time taking some pictures of the area around the camp. This was the view as we looked to the Southeast. Camp View
View from tent window The view from my tent window! This was such a pretty campsite, Slough Creek ran all the way through it, so the sounds from the creek lulled us to sleep at night, pure bliss! If we come back here though, I think we'll try for one of the campsites nearer to the creek, hauling wash water back was a real chore! And we went through a lot of wash water with three little kids and four men in camp! Not to mention four finicky women!
The day wasn't without its surprises though, around mid morning we all got our adrenalin pumped when this young black bear male ran through the campground and crossed the creek close to our campsite. You should have seen everyone scrambling for their cameras! I managed to get off 6 shots but most of them turned out too blurry to post as I had a hard time getting a firm footing for my mono-pod. This one is the best of the lot. I was directly opposite him on the creek bank, What a moment! black bear
The rest of the day and evening was rather quiet, after dinner we played dominoes, made s'mores, drank a lot of schnapps, and just enjoyed the company of family in a wonderful relaxed setting. This was definitely our best night of the entire trip, even if I did lose dismally at dominoes!

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