Yellowstone National Park - Day 5 - Wednesday May 30, 2001

Cody, Yellowstone Falls, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Wednesday was the day we had planned on visiting Cody, Wyoming to tour the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. We also decided that the first order of business once we got there was to find showers! It'd been almost a full week since most of us had had a good shower so we were definitely due! Mom, Brittany, and I had kept relatively clean and we had all washed our hair the day before, but the guys were decidedly scruffy looking, they all needed a shower and a shave in a pretty bad way.
We pulled into Cody late in the morning and found a campground that had showers we could use (for the small price of $5 a head!). But we all decided that it was money well spent! After cleaning up we had lunch at a nice "New Mexican" food restaurant (they even had sopaipillas, I was in heaven!) and then headed for the Historical Center.

Cody is a pretty little town, the main "tourist" drag consisted of pretty storefronts that harken back to the days of the Old West. For more information on the town named after Buffalo Bill Cody (more formerly known as Colonel William F. Cody), visit the town's "official" website.
We all split off on our own once we got to the Historical Center, vowing to meet back up front at a certain time so that we could start back to camp before it got too late in the day. We took a different route back to the park from the way we came and passed the Buffalo Bill Reservoir on our way out of town.
About halfway back to the park we were stopped on the highway due to some road construction which gave us ample time to view the surrounding cliffsides. It was our lucky day, we found these guys playing at the top of one of the cliffs right next to the road. There were at least 10 or more Bighorn Sheep at the top of this rock formation, they kept disappearing out of sight and popping back up in different places. Lots of fun to watch, and they were having a great time too! If you look close you can see that there's a depression at the top of the larger rock, you can see the back of one of the sheep there. And the top of the head of another one.
We re-entered the park at the East entrance which took us past Yellowstone Lake, this is a picture taken from Fishing Bridge (where no fishing was allowed at the time because the Cutthroat Trout were spawning). The white spots on the far side of the lake are pelicans. I tried to get closer shots of them but the pictures just didn't turn out. Yellowstone Lake is beautiful, it stretches for miles and miles, this was just a small arm of it. The lake has the distinction of being North America's largest mountain lake! It's 20 miles long, 14 miles wide, and 400 feet deep at its deepest point. It averages 139 feet.
After watching the pelicans, ospreys, and the cutthroat trout spawning, we piled back into the car and headed back up the road towards camp, we didn't get very far before we stopped again, this time at Yellowstone falls and the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Next ==>

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