Candlemaking and Supplies Links (Updated 12/11/00)

General Wax and Candle Company Online:Candles and some supplies

Waxed Out! Great Site. Tons of information, including Book Titles, and where to buy supplies.

LeMel Candle Factory (Supplies)

The Candle Lady Lots of great information on candles and candlemaking.

National Candle Association No, I didn't know there was one either until I happened upon their website! Really interesting stuff though! (If, for some reason, the link isn't working {I've been having problems with it!} the address is

The Candle Shop: Very good prices on molds, etc...

Rocky Mountain Candle Co.: They seem to have everything, but their prices are a little high.

Yaley Enterprises: Candle making supplies, mail order only at this point. This is the brand of candlemaking supplies that Michael's Crafts Store carries. Very good quality products.

Aztex Wax and Candle store:Good selection and prices.

Candle Making Information: Practically anything you'd ever want to know about making and using candles. {Informative site only, nothing available to purchase}

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