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Welcome to the home page of the Ring of Celtic Witches. I decided to create this ring after discovering that the Scottish Witchcraft ring had been deleted. Rather than limiting ring members to Scottish only I decided to open it to all witches of Celtic paths. Seeing as how I'm equally proud of my Irish roots as I am of my Scottish roots it seemed only fair! ;-)

There are some requirements, or rules if you will, to joining this ring. (but aren't there always?)

1. Your site must have something to do with what it is to be a Celtic Witch. Be it Wiccan, Celtic Traditionalist, Pecti-Wita, or any other of the many Celtic traditions that's fine, just so long as it has a Celtic Pagan theme, you don't even have to call yourself a witch if you prefer not to, (though personally I like the title and think it's gotten a bad rap all these years, after all it has become somewhat of a generic term these days regarding pagans.) But the general idea must come through in your site somehow. (and I'll be the only one making the decision whether a site is added or not.) And please no commercial sites!

2. Your site must be family friendly, by that I mean it must not contain any hate messages, racial slurs, x-rated type stuff, or be negative in any way whatsoever.

3. Your site must contain more than just links to other sites, and I really prefer if the majority of the content is original to you. Sites that copy stuff out of books and present it as their own will not be considered!

See, that wasn't too bad was it?
If your site does meet the above requirements and you'd like to join the Ring of Celtic Witches, please proceed to the join page. Then return to this page for further instructions.

Thanks so much for your time and interest!


After completing the submission form you will receive an email containing a personalized HTML fragment. Copy the graphic from this page, upload it to your website then cut and paste the HTML fragment from the email and add it to the page you listed when filling out the join form.

This is how your webring code should look. If you have any problems or questions please feel free to email me at joellessacredgrove@attbi.com.

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